Monday, May 12, 2008

You Send It Free

If your e-mail account prevents you from sending files that are larger than 10MB, it's time to use YouSendIt, which allows you to send large files easily and instantly. I've been using YouSendIt since a friend recommended it 3 years ago. I use it to email videos and presentations that are too big for my normal e-mail account.

I find YouSendIt very easy and simple to use. Just go to the site, enter the e-mail address of your recipient/s, enter your e-mail address, upload the large file you want to email, and press "Send It". The recipient will receive an e-mail notification about the file with the link where he/she can download it.

YouSendIt is free for sending large files that are up to 100MB.

From YouSendIt Website:

is the No.1 digital delivery company serving business and individuals on the Web today. Our innovative service enables users to send, receive and track files, on-demand. YouSendIt provides a trusted, convenient and smart solution for transferring large files over the Internet, replacing the need for FTP transfers, overnight couriers and unreliable email attachments. YouSendIt's technology platform provides developers and partners the resources for integrating YouSendIt services into the applications people use for creating and communicating. When it has to be there now- just YouSendIt!"
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