Friday, November 12, 2010

Free ID Card Maker

Do you need to create an ID card for a class, guests or simply for yourself? With the help of BighugeLabs, a web portal that allows you to create effects on your photos, you can create an ID card, nametag or any badge in an instant. Here are the simple steps to create a customized ID card:
  1. From the homepage, select “Badge Maker”
  2. Once you’re on the Badge Maker page, upload a photo you’d like for your ID card. You can either upload a photo from your PC, or get it from your Facebook or Flickr account.
  3. Choose which part of the photo you want visible in case it needs to be cropped – center, left or right
  4. Choose the layout orientation of your ID, whether it’s landscape or portrait
  5. Select the color you want for your ID
  6. Fill out the information requested – name of your ID, your name and other text you want included. You also have the option to include a bar code.
When you’re done, press “Create.” The website will instantly generate your ID. Save the image if you’re satisfied with the ID design. If not, you can always go back and edit it.

BighugeLabs is a simple and very easy to create an ID card. The only thing I hope they would add to this very helpful application is a “preview” function while you are in the process of creating your ID card.

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