Saturday, May 31, 2008

Free Name Tag Creator

If you're like me who depends on name tags to remember people's names when in a gathering, then you'll enjoy, a web application for creating free name tags.

True to its website's name, the sizes they provided for the name tags are really BIG, thus making it easier for people to read and recall names. This is an ideal tool for any event such as seminars, conferences, or product launches.

To create your big name tags, you must first register on the website. Once logged in, add an event title then click on "Add Nametags" and start encoding your guests' names. If you don't feel like typing and already have a file of your guests' names, you can upload them onto the site. They provide an instruction on the file format, although I think your file should be in spreadsheet.

After you're done with the names of your guests, you can preview the layout of your tags in PDF format. If you still want to adjust the size of the tags, you can choose another layout for them. A preview of the available tag layouts are available by clicking "Avery Templates" on the homepage. You can also make your name tags colorful by assigning different colors for the big first name, full name and details, and the footer. Don't forget to customize the footer because the default footer is the website of Big.first.names. When you're finished editing your tags, click on print. provides examples of real nametags created from their website.

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