Saturday, August 16, 2008

Totally Fun and Free Online Games

Bored? Need to kill time but do not have anything to do? Or perhaps, you need a short break from what you're doing? Visit Friv for free, fun and addicting games.

Friv offers 200 free games, from easy to difficult. The website combines some of the best flash online games, which are displayed randomly in small squares. They are neither categorized nor arranged alphabetically, but the games' titles are revealed as you point the mouse on them.

From Tetris to Sudoku, Friv's selection of games is very vast. If you get tired of playing action games, you can go back and try a puzzle game. Because of so many selection of games available, just deciding on what to try first could take a lot of your time. But surely, once you get started, you definitely won't notice the time passed by.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Free Printable Graph & Line Paper

Need graph paper for a calculus project fast? Ran out of music sheet template? No worries, you can easily get some from Printable Paper, a website that offers hundreds of free lined paper to download and print.

Printable Paper is an awesome tool, especially for students who use a lot of graph and other lined papers for school projects and assignments. Its got polar, octagon and hexagon graph paper and isometric paper, while their selection of grid paper come in a variety of square dimensions and line thickness.

If you are a musically-inclined person, or someone who composes arrangements, this website offers free printable music paper that comes with various number of staves. They also have chord and tablature paper.

The website also offers free printable penmanship paper, which is useful if your child is just learning. These penmanship papers are best for handwriting practices.

All free printable paper styles are available in PDF format and come in letter, legal and A4 sizes. Also, if you see a type of graph or line paper you need, but it's not available on the website, you can always let the developers know about it, and maybe soon, they will have it on the site.