Friday, September 3, 2010

A Better Way to Land a Job

Unemployment really stinks.  And if you’re like me, you’ve added your resume to practically every job-searching site on the web, only to get daily emails with lists of jobs that either you’re not qualified for, or have nothing to do with your field.
So let me introduce you to something new that I've come across recently.  It’s called “Weedle.”  Unlike those other job-searching sites, Weedle connects you with people who need your skills, and when I say skills, I mean not only something you’ve done full-time, part-time, but even a hobby!  That’d be nice, huh?  Getting paid to do something you’ve done most of your life for fun?
So how does it work? According to their site, Weedle is a social networking site (much like LinkedIn, but different in that it also helps you get found on Google for your skill, versus job title).  For example, say you’re a Carpenter. On Weedle, instead of mentioning your title, you’d mention your skills, like “Cabinet Maker”, “House Builder”, etc., giving people a better chance of finding you.  And with all the names for jobs changing (waitress to server, stewardess to flight attendant, DJ to On-Air Talent, etc.), this could really be handy in making you stand out.
So look beyond the resumes, evaluate your skills, and discover the NEW way of searching for a job.

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