Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Free Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Even scrapbookers are now going digital, turning to the Internet for ideas, new designs and unique embellishments. Indeed, digital scrapbooking is the new trend!

I think digital scrapbooking is part of the "evolution" of photo books as creative people clamor for more control of their photos, designs and layout. One of the interesting websites I found on this ever-growing popular hobby is Shabby Princess which features free scrapbooking kits to download (as long as it's for personal and non-commercial use). Their designs vary from holiday-themed kits to seasonal and occasional themes to everyday fun activities. There are classical designs, nature-inspired, and funky themes (which I like best!) to choose from.

If you're new on digital scrapbooking, Shabby Princess has a tutorials section to help you get started. I've noticed though that most of the how-to's are on using Adobe Photoshop, which can be extremely useful for non-artists.

As we become more empowered by our digital cameras, I will not be surprised if digital scrapbooking becomes more popular than paper scrapbooking. Plus, it solves some of the problems that traditional scrapbookers face such as creating space for scrap tools like papers, die cutters and scissors. But most of all, you say goodbye to paper cuts! :)
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