Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free Online Invitations

With almost everything now online comes a faster, easier and chic way of sending invitations to any event: Evite, which lets you send free invitations to your friends anywhere in the world (as long as they have Internet access of course) be it a birthday, a wedding, shower, or even a class reunion.

Evite lets you personalize a free online invitation and customize it depending on your style. Guests are sent an e-mail which provides the link to the invitation. They can RSVP by just a click of a button.

A wedding invitation for instance, is time consuming, from finding a cheap yet good printer, to sending out the wedding invitations, and keeping track of the guests. Evite helps you easily manage and keep track of your guests as it provides real time status of the invitees - who are coming, who have declined and who are still undecided (the maybe group). There's also a space for invitees who want to leave a comment to the host.

My friend used this service for the baptismal of her son. I was impressed at how detailed the list of information was included in the online invitation, including a call-out if you need to carpool.

So toss those envelopes and stamps and go green instead, utilizing those free online invitations.

From Evite Website:
" is the top online destination for invitations. A free service, estimates it saves party planners millions of dollars in paper invitations and postage each month. With party-planning tools and content, the site helps hosts be more successful while saving even more money and time."
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