Friday, May 9, 2008

Instant Message Me for Free

Instant messaging programs are definitely free. But what if you're using a computer with no IM program installed and need to chat with a friend at that moment? Or maybe you're using somebody else's computer who doesn't want the program on their hard drive. OR, maybe you just don't want the spyware that often accompanies the download of some of the popular IM programs out there. Good thing there's a website where you can instantly log on to your IM without having to download it.

Meebo sure knows how to put to use the word "instant" into instant messaging. It offers free IM access to the most popular IM services: Yahoo! Google Talk, MSN Messenger and AOL's AIM. No need to through the hassle of downloading an instant messenger software to your computer. Instead, you just simply go to the site, enter your username and password to an IM service of your choice, and within minutes, you can already start chatting with your friends.

From Meebo Website:
"You can keep in touch with friends you know on any instant messaging network (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber) at, or reach out and have live conversations with anyone at any website with Meebo Rooms and Meebo Me. Instant messaging from absolutely anywhere, no downloads or installs required, and free!"
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