Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Typing Test

Here's one I've been having fun with lately: a free typing test. With the economy the way it is, many are turning to their other hidden talents as a qualification for their next job.

OK, so you're filling out the resume when you come across "Typing:____wpm". Do you know your typing speed? Seriously, when was the last time you clocked your typing speed? Sure you could guess, or play a few rounds of "Typer Shark" on Yahoo Games, but those aren't real words, and if you're real good, the game could last for hours! And if you simply guessed, what's considered a good speed? 30? 40? 50 words per minute? So how can you test your typing speed?

I suggest Typeonline. Assessed and named by both the Education Network Australia (EdNA), and the National Grid for Learning (NGfL) as "A quality educational resource", Typeonline is an easy to use, accurate, and free typing test.

When you're ready to begin the typing test, simply click the "Start the clock" button, then copy the sample text by typing in in the box below. Then when you're finished, click the "Stop the clock" button. It takes a couple quick seconds to calculate, and "Tada!" Your typing test score is revealed, as well as how well you did.

Typeonline offers free typing tests for not just words, but also for numbers, or both numbers and words. Typeonline also offers free typing lessons and posters to help you improve your typing skills.

Last time I took the typing test I got 70 wmp! I sure am glad I didn't just guess a measly 30.
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