Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Games provides a portal jump station to many of the most popular free online games. Games are divided into several handy categories: Action, Puzzle and Board, Arcade and Classics, Shooting Games, News Games, and more. There's also a lot of the top games to try for all ages.

A lot of the games at are harmless fun - and some are even educational - but all are very easily addictive. For example, there's a completely addicting "Minni-Putt" game where you can practice your miniature golf skills, or "50 States", where you learn geography by dropping a state onto its correct spot on a map.

Though most games are kid-friendly, I do feel the need to throw out a caution: some games on do feature obscene material, inappropriate language, and bad morals, and violence to humans and animals. So "viewer's discretion is advised", but otherwise, all the games on are very fun, very addicting, and very free.
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