Thursday, July 17, 2008

Free Rhyming Tool

A song, a story,
Or a poem to say sorry.
Here's a website to find a rhyme,
Even when you are pressed for time.

Whether you are a poet, a lyricist or someone simply looking for a rhyme for a word, Write Rhymes is the website you can bank on. Simple, direct and easy to use, Write Rhymes is a cool rhyming machine that does not require any registration, password or e-mail verification. It directly provides the user the rhymes for words.

To start, type in the text, press alt and click on the word that needs rhyming. The website then shows you all the words that rhyme with it, from one to three-syllable words. When you're finished, you can copy, print or save your work as text document.

So whatever piece you are working on, perhaps a song, a rap or a poem, you can rely on Write Rhymes for the "right rhymes."

By the way, does anybody know a word that rhymes with orange?
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