Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free High Quality Wallpapers

Jazz up your computer's wallpaper with free high quality wallpaper designs from the website, Your #1 Wallpapers Resource. If you're tired of seeing the same wallpaper selection from your PC, the Wallpapers Resource offers unique and interesting pictures of various wallpaper categories, such as architecture, nature, places, and my favorite, animals. It also has wallpaper of abstract, movies, cartoons and Vista-themed designs. For car enthusiasts, there're a lot of stylish car wallpapers to choose from.

Downloading the wallpaper is easy. Just right click on the wallpaper you want to download, and click "Save as..." You don't even need to register or set a password!

Designed as a blog, the site is a free wallpaper service from I look forward to more wallpaper designs from this site. :)
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