Sunday, May 18, 2008

Publish Your Child's Story Online for Free

If you think your child is the next JK Rowling, then Tikatok is a must-visit website for you.

Tikatok is a community for children to showcase their story writing skills and have their stories published. The site lets budding literary artists become published authors as they show off their original stories and illustrations.

Book creation is made easy with the website's StorySparks feature. It assists your child from choosing a theme to naming characters. It gives hints at the bottom of each page on what your child should write next. Illustrations, which are also made by kids, are also available to support the story.

Registration to the site is free, but there's a $20 fee if you want to purchase a hard copy of your child's work. I think this fee is just nominal compare to the invaluable joy of seeing your child's printed work with his/her name on it.

I'm a big fan of children's books, and I think they are more fun to read when they are written by kids themselves. I congratulate the website creators for making a venue for children to enrich their skills and showcase them to the world. But I wonder how they came up with the name Tikatok.

From Tikatok website:

Tikatok is a free creative community for kids under 13 where they can write, illustrate, and share their original stories, and have them printed out into real hardcover and paperback books. It was developed by two mothers to encourage the imagination and creativity of their children and children everywhere.

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