Sunday, May 18, 2008

Free Web Creation Made Easy

Now you can create your own website that looks like it has been designed by a pro. True to its slogan "web creation made easy," Weebly is simple and straight forward. It's easy for you to customize and personalize your website. It has a variety of themes and gives personalized subdomain based on your site's name.

I believe that one of the greatest features about Weebly, besides their drag and drop interface, their lack of cost, their free hosting, the 70+free professional designs to customize your website, their blogging features, and ability to publish your domain, is that they don't force advertisements onto your site. Sure you could add them yourself, but you don't HAVE to have them with your free account.

So if you're like me who is kinda ignoramus about HTMLs, CSSs and other Internet codes, then Weebly is a great start for you to try your hand on website creation.
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