Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Send BIG files up to 2GB free!

When my husband and I needed to quickly send our 1.35GB video message for my sister's wedding last month, I had a hard time looking for a website that could let me send a file that big for free. It was quite frustrating searching for a website that could do it, because most of the free file sharing applications only allow you to upload a file for a maximum of 100 MB. But alas, discovering Filemail was an answered prayer!

Filemail is a file sharing website that allows you to send documents, photos, videos and other files for up to 2GB. But what's even better is, you do not need to create an account, log in or verify an e-mail to do this. Upload your file directly on to the website (uploading can take a while depending on how big your file is), enter your recipient's e-mail address and your e-mail address. You can also include a message to your recipient.

Filemail sends your recipient an e-mail containing the link where the file(s) can be downloaded. It also mentions the number of times the file can be downloaded and the number of days it will be available on their server.

Even if it took me two hours to upload our video message. But still, using Filemail was totally worth it.
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