Monday, May 26, 2008

Free Online Video Editor

UPDATE: As of June 2009, Yahoo has decided to discontinue Jumpcut.

Yes, you can edit your videos online for free. Jumpcut is a free online video editing tool that makes it easy for you to create/edit a video whether or not you are knowledgeable on video editing.

What makes Jumpcut easy to use is its drag and drop feature. Upload a photo, video or music and automatically adds a template for you. You can also add titles, transitions or cool effects. It may take a while though for some videos or music to load or when you want to preview your work. I strongly recommend a fast and reliable internet connection when you're working on your video on this website.

Some videos on are public and are remixable, that is, you can edit them in whatever style you want. But if you want to keep your video private or final, you can choose to label it "not remixable."

I discovered Jumpcut in 2007 after my then boyfriend (now husband) and I got engaged. I wanted to surprise him with a short video of "our story," but I didn't have any video editing software in our PC, nor do I have any video editing skills. I searched online for any free video editing tool and saw. The website can be a little slow, but I was satisfied with the results.

With its many great features, there's only one thing that disappoints me. The website doesn't allow you to download your video. You can only share it by e-mail or posting a code to your website.
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